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Precision 1 Dailies

Daily, 30 Pack

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The Precision 1 Dailies are the only water-gradient contact lenses in the world. Using unique Smartsurface Technology, the lenses feature an ultra-thin (2-4 micron) layer of moisture on the lens' surface. Get Precision 1 Dailies contact lenses for long-lasting, extra-comfortable vision.

30 sterile, single use, daily wear soft contact lenses, with handling tint and UV-absorbing monomer, in phosphate buffered saline with polymeric wetting agents.

51% water content

49% Verofilcon A

30 Lenses Per Box

Daily disposable soft contact lenses


Manufactured by Alcon

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If you filled in your Rx online, we will verify it with your eye Dr. (takes up to 1 business day)

Glasses & contact lenses from the same order will arrive in 2 separate shipments.

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* When returning contacts, they shall be returned unopened in their original, merchantable condition.

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